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In 2013, Dominique was nearly out of her mind. Working crazy hours in the city, dealing with traffic and a baby, was more than enough for her. Something had to give. She wanted to create a happier balance between work, family and quality of life. And then, through mutual friends, she met Marie-Stéphane and Sylvain. In 2014, the original trio founded Rouge Marketing and Communication in Mont-Tremblant. Today, 15 years later, freedom, fun and quality of life remain the foundation of the agency that now has 4 partners: Dominique, Sylvain, Jean and Bob.

You’d better believe it! Brutally so! Transparency and authenticity are our trademarks. We love the « real world ». And telling it like it is!

We’ve always been wonderfully creative from head to toe. But I guess we may have exaggerated just a little. We’ll let you guess who it was...

Our agency is based in Mont-Tremblant, Montréal and France. But we encourage our specialists to work from the Gaspésie or from Saint-Tropez, or from their summer chalet in the mountains… if that inspires them to be the best they can be in their work and for our clients.

Our partner and digital department vice-president is definitely a man of many hidden talents! You never know what he has up his sleeve!

We’ve got everything a traditional agency has: rigour, planning, strategy, expertise… But we’re much more flexible in our approach: less paperwork, a closer link with our specialists, an accessible and human vibe. Freedom!

At Rouge, everything is about GCS (Good Common Sense). To be good and efficient at our work, we know we need to relax and rejuvenate. Balance, trust and freedom are what make us passionate about delivering results. We work to live.

It sure is! In fact, we’ve got two full-time dogs in our Mont-Tremblant office and most of our employees have dogs at home. We love the little critters, but we’re not always so keen when they growl. It’s all a question of balance.

Our creative partner, Sylvain, always dresses to impress, but the agency doesn’t limit itself to casual Fridays. We love the beautiful and the neat, the unpretentious, with or without jeans.

Ha! Yes! With a family name like Ladouceur (which translates as “Sweet”), we can assure you that our partner is not only a pro in multimedia production, as well as being truly adorable! We challenge you NOT to fall under his captivating spell.

Keep in Touch

Keep in Touch

Our team is based in Mont-Tremblant, Montreal, France (Paris), with connections all over the world.

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